Have you ever heard about it ? Well, I didn’t have it on my life perhaps I have lived on an edicule myself at a time but on the rent basis and I learned something about architecture as I have not studied the intrinsic of this but has passed some architects on my life and I’m studying few others subjects of my interests to apply on my projects in a better perspective. So, giving it a go, it is quite charming. True !

It is about an attached small construction on the backyards of a house, as a reliquary but could serve for entertaining for me could even be my studio or my spa. It is strange because I work as in a home office but for me the entire house is an office so I keep carrying stuff with me all over the house and suddenly several spots are with thrown material and this is yet because I try to keep it fit but if I grow I might occasionally need more space and also I keep practicing toning – well being program in between this all different stuff I do so it is certainly attractive to me.

I’ve been visiting surprisingly some places that had this edicule and I also have spotted that on a Netflix series called Californication and by the time I saw I said interesting. Those all where timid or vintage and I brought on this article some re-vamped ones to we have a look at and have inspiring ideas. Changing a bit the subject, I also have seen on Netflix or heard about the trailer of pre-molded houses and it is a bit like it so there is going on a trend.

I have not had time enough to sketch everything I would like as I split my time in between jobs, lately I did sketched a new social project for recycle rubbish but I’m thinking very much of sketching a pre-molded house I have an internet Danish connection that did that and I think the project was concluded by the end, well done. So, what is up is as a retired in somehow product designer – set designer because the CAD program I have not done and I don’t have I’ve learned bits of Rhinoceros and 3D Max I might possibly be back on studies of CAD for a quick check and get back in form and shape. That is because the people of the product projects and even partnerships with architects are coming back on me, if I had left it for later maybe the time has been passing for a while and people started to knock n my door and I might be more than willing to give them a hand.

Will see what happens next.
I should take notes of all those short courses.
CAD, After Effects, Landscaping, Music Production.

Enjoy the view.

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