Hold it Up ! The face is a visitors card so nothing better then give it a treat. The easiest way is have calming effects over it and keep doing it as a natural progress, is the clay masks just work wonders. I really prefer the real clay in powder because it stick and fix it strongly and on the very same day you can notice a tone of renovation. There is the pink clay, green clay that serves better oiled skin, the white clay and the black clay. I wanted to go for the green clay because I thought the color nice but I have gone for the white once again, I’ve tried the black clay in which I didn’t like didn’t serve me well because my pores are bit opened and they have darkened it in a way so no and the pink clay I do have got a Clarins mask that is also very softening and smoothing.

The thing of the clay is that neutralize quite well the skin, better than that makes it vivid and luminous as well, it is very interesting that you can realize the difference specially if is holding the tempo of ageing. You know, it is not that I’m pretty old but I did have some premature ageing possibly because the cigars, but I’m definitely being able to reverse this for more incredible than it seems. I look to myself and feel more pretty than ever even if older, there were times of my life that I had sparkled and I miss that but maturity is bringing some stability and I feel wise, so age is a natural process as well and signs of it might show up.

The thing is, there is others procedures to keep young, but mostly in my entire life I was quite against intervention, so I go mostly for the organic ways of improvement as trying yet a genetic evolution. I had hormone problems on my youth but it also have worked for my best so I guess I will keep trying the genetic evolution. And here it is, it is difficult to believe that clay is going to make the difference on my ageing but it does the difference now and when you do apply it so it is more like doing and doing it in the very natural way and look pretty on the long run.

I recommend.

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