We are just on the mids of spring – summer season and despite quite slow the sun might have an effect on your hair. You might have noticed that I’ve changed the color of my hair a couple of years ago. The hair topic took quite a long way on my life, as my hair is natural curly and voluminous so I do treat it very much and I do take it as the frame of my face, so to learn the best cut and how to cut it was a very difficult thing for me I also have kept it very short for few years long years maybe 10 and it was easier to take care of. Now I have it sort of blond and long, why the change I just felt like a Minnie Mouse for too long and I wanted to fell more feminine and it has been working actually, the color of my hair has been trend for a couple of years and I did it right perfect on time I liked that. The length is still working but I’m thinking of a change but not sure yet, while that the sun and swimming pool can make it drier, burned and greenish because the chloro.

Clay Plastic – CADIVEU R$ 32

Açai Oil – CADIVEU R$ 50,60

All of sudden I got slightly on the Barbie mode, sort of a fit muse.

When I had dark hair I used to do finishings with oil to burn bits and get lighter as a soft Californian thing and it was lovely. But blondie I’m doing a lot of Plastic Clay of CADIVEU because protects the hair against the sun and sea salt water or chloro, it is even better because doesn’t dirty the swimming pool or sea. I have been passing oil while wet and is better also the clay plastic is miraculously because close the wire scales, together they work beautifully well and smells nice for a steam. Self-steam always and tips of beauty secrets.

Magic Straight – CADIVEU R$ 59,90

Chatting with a hair stylist, she was saying that all those chemical hair products might be more like trying and seeing the result and choosing what works best for yourself. Yes, it is more like that and I have been testing quite a few, and have been changing as well, but hairdressers also say to have a change after 2 times in sequence because the hair starts getting tired of the same product, so it is the healthier way to go. And you go having fun as well with those changes.

CADIVEU seems to be a new label.
But has worked for me, at least the product I’m using.
But I did liked the ingredients as well.

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