It seems I got stuck and that is not true despite outside events business is all about to have control of it in a way, so here everything seems to be fine according with the possible measure. I know I know the world have been all over shaken and then so forth, I have looked for a safe place to stay, about safety for more strange that it seemed I also have protected myself so I remained where I’m.

It is true I’m not feeling much attracted to everywhere because possibly there are places that my work is more needed and I’m looking for productivity as well but I’m seeing some gaps and holes here and elsewhere that I my serve better, so I’m giving it a thinking. I guess the jet set is also about business right.

Take it easy ! But I’m in need of a fresh air other landscapes get out of my comfort zone for a bit because sometimes it is like walking in circles. Possibly set myself free in a way. I don’t want to talk to much, I don’t want to look depressed either because I’m not and I’d love to say Ok, you behave yourselves and I go travelling . . But for a while , the holidays will be staying in, tuning to myself.

Just releasing the stress out.
Quality life and time has no price.

Who knows some other appropriate time.
Because it is all about timing.

I’m just back on my studio.
Which is already a big thing.

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