I might be needing a shot. Face lift, it is not that my facing is falling, it is a result of sun and prescription glasses combined, I have changed my sunglasses ’s lenses already all with prescriptions as I’ve tried lenses and my eye refused a bit getting itchy reddish, I might go for the lenses yet but when more in a hurry of events while it is all slow my sunglasses done are just enough.

But before I recognize that I was needing prescription with the sun, my face got cranky in between eyebrows. Shame on me and that is being a torture for few years. You might say why I haven’t done it before, I was catching up with some many studies and fixings and health that I didn’t have got much time for this. It is like a queue of things to be done and as you go ticking one comes another. Today, I also have got a problem of agenda, so it is not like go there and do it I also have to check if I have got time for doing things. I love my freestyle free lance job it is very modern avant-garde way of doing things but it is also very demanding, you also have got a very tight agenda and you always be missing to attend your clients; it is good because you do have got a bit of more time left to do the things for yourself but not time enough because you are working so that is why. I don’t do 9AM to 6PM, 5/6 out of 7 days job but I do work most of 5 days or 6 days or 7 days till late depending of the season, there are peaks so is just like making your route and managing the gaps of time.

So, basically the BOTOX REVAMP is on the queue and it is coming through, first for a restoration then who knows for a prettier look or changing bits to see how it goes.

Nothing wrong with the botox.
When not too over.

Botox Friendly.

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