You can think about 3 pillars Echoes, Ecology and Economy. It is all beyond that.

I like very much the echo thing because it is more than it seems, once it is all about the Space and I’m not GOD as nobody is, you know you can put your efforts you can do your best but many things that happens on our lives are mostly or also put in place by the Solar System, so it might be rather than echo on a living purpose. It is interesting about the conscious we you carry along but a bright sky. I’m looking after that.

Here I’m going to use the dual then ECOLOGY versus ECONOMY as you see, it is only a question of logic. ECO-LOGY and ECO-NOMY, ECO-LOGIC = LOGIC, ECO-NOMY = NOT ME OR NOT MY. Understand ? It is a little bit of reflection. Possibly, we are getting into a phase of using those 3 powers that comes 4. ECHO ECOLOGIC turns into ECONOMY that goes back to the ECHO and then who knows God give us a chance.

Of course there are so many substantial ways of living life, sure. But the lesson of today is to think about that. Maybe it has reached a limit of the old ways of seeing things maybe is just a transformation maybe the next generations are not meant to be the way we are now, maybe it is a spiritual awakening. I will bring this topic of spiritual awakening later down the road, but my main concern is with my ancestors. I’m with the Native Brazilians Indians and I will always be.

It is better than get nowhere.

( About environment, eco-system and sustainability )

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