I went to Carnival and as I got off the bus I faced the art gallery. Love those combo days, do 3 cultural programs in 1 day, specially that is exactly the kind of mood I’m into to just in case it is being a very rainy season that makes it difficult traffic so it all was in hold of rain not rain. I had my chance of luck and was get by surprise. Yes !

Here, the XXX_ exhibition by WILTON GARCIA at CAIXA CULTURAL is happening as a critic on the Global Warming, Environment and Ambient Crimes we are seeing nowadays. The gallery always bring a sort of controversial subject as in the past has shown Native Indians, Cow Culture, Land and Technology. The only problem in which I dislike a bit of exhibitions is that ambiguous part, that leaves space for trouble specially in a subject that is not well explained, people are just deciding to grow I’m surely on favor of grow and development but I’m also in favor of legal process and order, and sure sustainability and today we do have to be aligned with the global warming in which is playing a big part of the game, create more disorder and destruction is not on my law it is confusion on people’s brain is just not right as well because what we are seeing are just the record of deforest in which yet according to the law yet are illegal, people are stepping back but the question is who are those ambient criminals, just another criminals I guess. The gallery is aware looking for solutions on the possible measure on the art front but it is an enormous help see the curators speaking their mind aligned with needs of the country and people, it might take some time to put everything in order but they are doing their part pushing forward to find an agreement by the parts.

And I’m so concerned with the ambient and sustainability that it was good for reflection. I’m concerned as everybody is. I’d love to think that everything is fine but it seems more like an emergency, I didn’t want to think like that, because I’ve tried very hard and I’m most 100%, I’m 90% 80% 70% sustainable person and I look everyday to see what I can improve, but it all is because if today I’ve started to see some effects of the global warming with my true eyes and I don’t need to look much further I start to think about the future. You know, there is trouble in economy and that is a subject that I try to keep calm and carry on but it has a huge reward of making my work today, because I believe it makes the difference. I’m also a change.

At Caixa Cultural
Till March 22
Pça da Sé.

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