If this time I couldn’t attend Japan, I got a gift and Japan has come to me. This is TOKYO BEFORE/AFTER at CAIXA CULTURAL, and they have curated up-coming Japanese artists. It was very interesting to me get close to Japanese culture once again, in fact I was close to them always and happily they have started pop-up again around, I was in need of some sort of crazy Japanese. To be honest I pretty much like more the dark side of it, sometimes they do not show much this side, but I’m more attracted to that mess and harsh thing. . It is quite thrilling but I say that because it shakes a bit the boredom, they make it possible otherwise things are too average or standards. Basically I think it is rolling a trend that is helping everyone, because everyone is seeing what need to be changed we push hard but we are seeing that needs a little bit of more effort and that is being healthy.



The good news is that the artists had the same view I have in art, I see things in a different direction and normally people doesn’t look to that and I’ve decided let it grow and grow to them people see that I had a point. Ok, cool, I’m in a hurry right now but the Japanese artists were taking it slowly and I think all my low-profile friends are taking it slowly too so there is a chance for growth and realization yet. But is very important to have faith, push ahead, put the bar up from time to time and keep going. It is very strange on the art scene that you have to have to keep stimulating yourself all the time, up-dating references is also important to believe in the future otherwise you get to old and sluggish. The tech and riot cause us some stimulation as well, I guess it is called life to keep us alive.


I love photography and so its formats and printings.

Till March 22
Pça da Sé

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