Once in my life I felt such a freedom but today I’m quite focused in other meanings specially with the concern of getting stable and find my best way of living. I’ve been depleted at the moment strangely, and I’m still recharging batteries. I guess if ever this time is going to come back to haunt me and make myself feel good and at the best of me. I mean performance, it is more like go with the flow actually.

There are few destinations I would like to see, not many because I would prefer turn into a local in some spots and get used to them, sometimes I see myself in a very busy life I’m not sure if I’m dreaming, if it is a wish or if it is a vision that I’m having of my future but I do picture this in my head several times for several years now. Sometimes I feel even scared with so many travels I would have to do. So, I guess I would be taking store at the moment.

Japan itself, has meant to me specially because I’ve studied graphic design with Japanese people and then did a little intern at the school back that time on the Liberty borough in town quite a symbol for them, today we are again neighbors and we do have a Japanese colony so I guess we feel like a bit of them very close to the heart, I also had or have several acquaintances that were remarkable to me together about the Japanese Manga thing that has played some role on my teens and I’ve changed it around but I kept the style with a hand in Japan for unknown reasons, including that my images bank that I work for 10 years since my journal was born is made in Japan, connections with a Japanese girl, someone I found in cyberspace. So, I read them quite a bit and surprisingly I’m still reading. Some weirdo ways of seeing things including that Japanese people has brought the apple to the country, they are around.

I wanted to go to Japan at this year but I’m not going to be able to make it, unfortunately. But after times again I have someone dear to my heart in Japan close to me, coincidences. Who knows I will place the bar high and will get a little working in there on the future, with fashion everything is possible.

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