You know, my free spirit came just when I started training again, this time I went not academics type but for open air landscaping into the track & field mode. I walk, sometimes I run, I went cycling before but now I’m more into the water sports when I can or tennis or bodybuilding. All for fun just like hobbies and made a lot of difference on my energy set.

Like collecting it all over again. I’m starting back enjoy with sneakers that is more to do with my teenage kicks actually and I did heard that the generation after me and after that are really on eye on those to build up a wardrobe.

I did get a new one, my one is very specific one it seemed made exclusive to me from Japanese label Asics, this time I got it because the Olympics itself. Kinda ticket. But also there is a trend going on of the preppy thing, buy stuff to be prepared for whatever weather issues comes to the front, so very heavy cold, impermeable clothes, rescue and etc and goes on it is good to have them.

So, here it is.
The sneakers back on scene as top trend.

ADIDAS – R$ 399

ASICS – R$ 349

ASICS – R$ 279

ASICS – R$ 279
NIKE – R$ 289


My favorite ones.

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