If you see me around looking after that, don’t worry I’m looking after that. I have changed my travel suitcases some time ago and I’m in need to changed the 3rd piece small carry on one. That means a lot to me because I’m a producer and is the one I most use on my daily productions so that is why it is a bit damaged and old. But the reality, is that I’m a hard pick one so I’m still choosing on eye on it.

My old friend one is Samsonite and I did liked the collection the brand has got in store I’m thinking about colors and I definitely don’t want a hard shell one, I’ve seen those days a good offer from color but yet hard shell. I’m not desperate but quite in need.

SAMSONITE have just offered the kind of look I’m building, love high-techs.
I always have fancied but at the moment I’m offering the service.
Which is great on the edition.

Twist a bit the brain, but anyway.

SAMSONITE R$775 – R$599

SAMSONITE R$839 – R$690

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