I’ve anticipated a bit my cooking season, specially because it is more like seasoning the GARI salad. I normally go much for the root things, everything that is a kind of root and I do get quite ginger from time to time it is good for health. I think ginger quite a fun design looks like crab and I’m crab in astrology but my moon and my ascendant so I’m a very water person.

I have a problem with the ginger because normally I cannot slice it properly, it seems that the fibers all the time stop the knife and I cannot slice it very thin I don’t know if it is the knife but I’m not a very knife person I’m and I’m not I prefer to keep things safe, but certainly I get the flavor.

This is another recipe that I’ve tried at home and I couldn’t get, you know doesn’t yield much I think you need much more ginger to have a pot of conserve. I got it a pot as gift from my mom’s boyfriend and it was nice, I asked him to make it to myself again he looked to my face with that mum’s face, possibly he forgot possibly he doesn’t want to make that to me or maybe it wasn’t even to me have gotten it to me from the fridge. I’m a very strange person that people doesn’t understand very much.

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