Jazz. This new year I picked SAKE as my introducing to the decade drink. I normally hear that it is a light drink, so I said I will be good with that and I was. I used to drink that before but for a long time I didn’t had a chance so I went back to it. The trick thing for a drink night out, and that is a rule and when I say rule means rule, is to eat before not much but well enough to cope with the alcohol but the problem I forgot to eat and went to eat after the drink.

Imagine ? I washed my decade before and I thought I don’t have more age to pass those things and I was safe, secure and pretty but I enjoyed to clean my soul from all the trouble of such slow past time. And suddenly I came with that 90’s idea which served me well STRAIGHT HEAD remember. I can even give it a thought.


I was having such a fun with the sake thing.

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