That is the little traditional Japanese salad. That is lovely, I’ve tried to do at home but I have lost hand as the cucumber is dehydrate. I did achieved that once, long ago that I used to have all those serving Japanese plates, I do have some ceramic but I do want more and that is on my list as well for shopping and I do have bits of new plastic bowls going Japanese because I do cook it at home, in fact is one of my favorites menu I also like French, Snack and Junkies and sometimes I cook some contemporary traditional Brazilian.

Ok, I don’t know if is the sweet-chilli thing about the vinegar and sugar that I’m not doing right, so much doing wrong that I replaced that for the raddish turning into more exotic. I do have sesame seeds as well but I have been looking in a way for the sesame oil because all the Japanese fries are better to sesame oil. But sometimes my cupboards and storage became bit full that is why sometimes I be missing of things.

I should also get the right recipes to make it right properly.

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