This might be the reason. This might be the reason of last night. The imperfection or impermanent or incomplete. And that is true, I’m still going on. ¬If talking about the Wabi_Sabi is an aesthetic of unfinished, broken by use or damaged by the time which is pretty much about life, surprisingly I have got a bit of this aesthetic to build my work, but you have to have an eye for it. .

Let’s talk about the greenish WASABI, it is a bit of their pepper plate which is amazing as well. I’m a pepper person and that is very special, it is special about the feeling it gives actually it is more like a scream Japanese which seems bit acid funny.

Yes, I’m with a note to get some Japanese food shopping around. I’m used to eat a lot of Japanese and also have at home. . For a long time I’m to place a visit on their borough but I didn’t had time on my agenda, now I’ve got and I will. But I have been having it close to my mom’s on take away some restaurant that I adore because they do have very affordable prices, if I get on hers place I might pop up too. But I also discovered a new small shop on the mall that sometimes I pass by.

Julie, perhaps get a wasabi to bring home then.

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