For some time I have been saying I’m back on my studio, despite I do really like be in hurry with all the fuzz about work and I might be with an eye to be back to it soon, now I have decided to rest. Well, I had 3 really busy years in which I do really think as well that the world scenery has changed, is another one so I’m taking this time to take a breath and stay in peace for a while. Try to reconnect to myself.

Obviously that I do produce at my home-office so I guess I have got quite something on my plate with closed doors, which makes sense from time to time and I do can anticipate that despite what I will be growing with a quite good result. I’m taking this time to full fill my energy and battery at full, restore of course and also became more productive. I will be connecting to people and talking to several key person I need to deal with, they were on hold.

Last year, there were quite a few opportunities on my desk and I’m just one person, so I cannot make them all. I’m actually getting a time to gain in perspective, actually I cannot even believe that I’m back to my own desk properly, I’m getting used to it again. And it is really nice have a nice, tidy home-office. I’m happy with what I have right now, it is pretty quiet and with a lot of less pressure. I do have results as well, quite good ones but I cannot swim against the sea, so I guess it is more like watching the picture than working towards throw myself or jumping into unfavorable situations. I might start again at 40’s which is thankfully trend right now but then I need to see what is going to take myself farthest, and I have few options.

In fact, I’m looking for few changes around my home-office that I have not pictured.
Anyway, in hold.

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