Turning to beauty again. It is the hit new formula of skin cleanse. MICELAR WATER is now the new best friend, there is the astringent and the tonics that are lovely and clean well, but I’ve tried this one and works much better it seems that goes deeper and profound so I’ve sticked to it.

It was created in France and it is about a small group of molecules of cleaning oil that works as magnets, attracting and capturing the impurity and oily that damages the skin. The molecule thing is also the new big hit and I will let you know why.

Things are changing in the market, in transformation. And there is the Renovation Industry, same way I’ve heard about the Super-Magnets ( in which there is nothing to do with that and beauty or there is ) I also have heard about the NanoTechnology in which has everything to do with that and that is all about molecules, it is yet on the chemistry but it seems that is the other way around, not a composition itself but the element I guess, that goes beyond agitation and turning effects to improve prospects. It is quite on the lab but is a brand new thing.

I’m on my second round of MICELAR WATER, and despite I’ve just discovered I’ve picked for a try I got already a third pot of it so much I liked. My face is oiled skin but even improved by bits the aspect of acne. It is true that I’m using other products that are making difference as well, but micelar water works wonder.

Having a treat.

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