Sure. Everybody need a dose of readings, reading for me is just a habit that I adore and I do find inspiration always, is just find the right subjects in which your interests are. And here we go again with book reviews.

I’ve picked at this time, something about time travelling and here and now. Let’s start for THE TIME MACHINE – A MAQUINA DO TEMPO by H.G. WELLS which is pretty much a sense of space and time to look ahead, try to picture what is to come next and even if it seems too science fiction possibly you will get few new clues to work it through. Well, I mean I’m always looking after work that will help me to compose my work in any field that I’m involved, normally my works need to be aligned and tied from one side to another and this means a lot of discoveries and substance to place something a new. The sci-fi thing has turned into topic but in some kind of work you might have another kind of look or perspective of that, normally I go for more cold and intrinsic type of inspiration, and it is even like looking for vintage in a way as I guess I will not go too far as the book mentions like 800 years ahead, so I try to keep my approach quite close to me for what I can yet reach in a life time, nonetheless as a masterpiece of my time to the generations to come. Interesting ready.

The author is one of my favorites, FACTOTUM by BUKOWSKI is that sort of work that will explain such a gig job. The last work title I’ve ready by Bukowski served me really well at that time, actually it seemed that he had written to me and that happened with other books as well of other authors and that is amazing when it happens seems like a treasure, but I guess here I will find something else as there was short-stories and it played a better play. Why I say that, Bukowski is melancholic on the work front or should I say realistic for the writers. Writers are like that, doesn’t have much hope and that is what I love in writers. Once again, he is going to talk about the difficulties of job market and today I do think we need talk about that, so I guess he is right and all the Beatnik generation. Suddenly I realized that I’m totally part of the Beatnik generation which sounds an award. And to be more data based, last year I went back to university home-schooling long distance that is the new now trend and studied Human Resources and People Management and the Gig Job that Bukowski is so aware of, is really taking stage, which means quite scary, so if you are good with that I’m good with that too and it is better you ready this book to be prepared to a possible scenery.

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