Let’s be back on music slowly. . . Have I already told you that I’m a psychedelic soft and I feel that, that I would say nowadays is obvious and more than that it is big just amazing all the new bands they are doing so great and honestly what is best than get close with ambient.

Here, OMNI band latest release NETWORKER I might say lyrics are just so good as the rhythm and the psychedelic is not very much beach front has a switch on the beats for the work type thing or joining both parts, like tech stuff do you understand. Ok, post-punk that is it and the record label Sub-Pop is like that kind of avant-garde stuff that goes beyond all mixing and trending not too loud but really happening. I don’t know sounds that something is going on on the scene as bands are not those huge bands but a lot of good music, annoying people sort. That is The Best of The Time Not Forget Ever. True I’ve heard quite well their references before, the Atlanta based band, I just recognized when listening the songs but yet the lyrics take space and there is also a re-page in synths that make it all a new. Everybody work through references. Good guys.

Oh, well. Love jingles from the past that remark a time, I’m sorry but I’m so into that, that is just what I’m looking for in bands right now. Jingles are fab. MACSEAL, latest release SUPER ENTHUSIAST gave me that and here is a soft hardcore but really feel the teen spirit is all we need to get through some hard times and I would say keep doing that, I have been looking back and finding inspiration in what I was, in fact I’ve been hanging with my high-school / university friends seems like yesterday after some time away and is being quite fun filling some empty pages, there is some new people around younger much younger and this kind of music make their time as well to what is about to come next. This is a NY band right, somewhere I never had the chance to be but certainly good stuff comes from there. Julie is in ? People has diminished, seems like 20 years ago but anyway. . . No, it is normal. After a lot of head beating, feels fine.

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