The folding paper technic is quite charming, it seems that has been forgotten a while but for me I’m so attached to papers that I found out it appealing, interesting to look at. It is more like to kids and children but if you get a close look might come out interesting ideas for the creative.

I might be honest and give you a clue of what I’m doing, I’m producing an art set in which I have delayed, I got so catch up in looking for jobs, finding jobs and learning that I used to train my skills by bits and suddenly I’ve realized that I wanted to put my head and only focus in see my work grow. So, I have been having a nice result mixing patterns and I still have a lot to finish. And that is it, the finishings in art are a bit of confusing so I’m also trying to edit and close them well, to have a stock. At least, I have it done.

I’ve looked back and I did produced but I do have some gaps that was not understandable, and working with arts you also have to use your brain. Sometimes it is a hard position as well but the market also needs and do have space for it, specially nowadays.

The origami things is a source of inspiration and good to remember. I read a Haruki Murakami book and in one of the short stories he was talking about a zoo, and suddenly I got inspired about the animals, plants and nature, I always have been the beginning of my work started from there but now I’m more conscious and it is turning more sleek. I’m very inspired right now and I wanna use this time for my good.

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