It was hard to me to find a point of introspection, specially I that is used to do it. . . It was kind of decelerate to get my inner peace and find my own inspirations to get creative again and my future projects in set of motion. I was or I’m in need of intimacy with my own needs. We got so caught with events of daily life that didn’t stop coming by because it is being a huge time of transformation and it is being a big difference from 5 years ago it is quite another scenery, things are changing quite in high speed and I think it is totally healthy breath and take stock to what is to be, I would say I’m still adapting myself. But in a way I also got into technology and that was hard to switch off.  On the future frame work I will need to have a broad perspective, renovate, innovate and be flexible actually. I’m quite good with that feeling secure with myself but we do have felt signs of recession and I did passed for 2 already so far, but I learned with that as well and I’m plenty of solutions. I’m highly productive right now and I just want to keep the discoveries that I have pushed myself to face. But my mind keeps mingling with other subjects and lack of concentration, I don’t know exactly if it is because I’m turning myself in a professional of Big Data and processing it all.

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