For a long time I didn’t talk about music, but I’m back. I’m mostly talking about rock, because I always have been a rock person and rock scene has been changing that I think is worth to talk about. But I’m into other sorts of genres as well, and there are other things going on in other departments too. I will try to figure out how I’m going to talk about that because I talk when I have got the chance but if not, my podcasts / playlist are a bit miscellaneous and I’m about to fix it to publish public for friends and etc, sounds good as well I’ve been working on it for a while too. But it is most genres that blends with one another, and that is interesting.

You might have noticed that I’ve been talking about too many American bands lately, it is one of the best gifts in America nowadays it is really the music. Help the ‘phonographic market’, not pornographic ‘phonographic’. It is happening a Big Bang Big Bands are on set and I’m really proud of that and yes musicians sorry are a bit f***** and mess as they always have been, but that also was or is or will be why and the reasons I did or do or will have got interests in America. It means a lot of work but will see what we can do.

BEAT HAPPENING new release LOOK AROUND is noise and heavy to change a bit the picture of the psychedelic thing and do not be looking like too mainstream specially for the ones that likes hard heavy things, sort of echo. Or is it post-punk again. Might be. The good news is that band is old from the time I was born, Washington based they look pretty new with the rockabilly look that is quite missing. Wanted ! Thanks for shake up a bit the status quo, the melody and the harmony was everything that we were up to, I don’t know why sometimes old bands have got a hand to sharp songs as well, it is mixing and equalizing, but old bands do quality music too. Actually, Beat Happening is a new discovery for me. God Bless You. Thanks !

Those low ballads. It is all about PEARER latest release A HEALTHY EARTH, the Brooklyn via Connecticut means NY band, what is wrong about being kind of melancholic anyway, never mind, it is low but it is tuned there is a swing that doesn’t leave us fall into depression it is up-beating and slightly allegro that moves us in a progression of tempo. It is melancholic cute, I see references from the past but all crossed the ways around so it is most like remastering past to present that does ahead in a time near future. Good shape, the generation of yesterday taking the scene of todays. I confess, it took a decade or 2 for it happens. Dizzy, maybe people got too sad and that was the way to protest against the bad times making good music. It is known that bad times open up doors for innovation, you don’t have choice is just make that or make that.

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