I don’t know but I think I’m very into those. I’m always hanging with one of those, so much I like tea, detox juice, I’m with those bottles of mineral water as well. I do have got filter at home, but if is to feel more fresh, I can go for those.

Actually, I have even presented my family last end of the year with only mineral water and they might even be waiting the second shoot as there are few options. For the boys I gave artisanal beer, for the girls water. This time I wanted to save Venezia as I have an Italian background and they were having quite a flood. But I normally go for the French.

At this time I wanted to find the Fiji water, because I think it is exotic. I’m a very exotic person, I’m very attracted to fresh things. So, I’m learning a lot at this time and I’m very happy with that, that is why I go for the water here because it is the prime thing for all in life.

Fiji is in Oceania and I got into surfing and beachwear I think inspiring, if I don’t go for the beach I’m mostly running in the park or at swimming pool and sauna when I can. But watching surf, I know that the guys at World Surf League are Australians and at a time of past injury they have helped me to heal. You know I was into it because my shoulder and acquaintances here, I used to live with an Australian and worked with them on the very beginning of my grown up life. Well, here in the country we had forests fire in which I’m fighting against once I have studied bits of the trees I guess Hollywood and in California and Australia too.

I think water is a bit of luxury, anyway.

( About environment, eco-system and sustainability )

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