When the more is more, as knowledge is never enough and it seems like magic catch up with good authors and titles, but for me sometimes I have to be browsing and browsing to find something to ready according to my pitch.

I was into something about psychology, I did psycho-analyses for 4 years and I even had a brief thinking of go back studying pos-graduation on psychology but I left it behind but you know I can ready a book or 2 of the subject. You might think that FREUD is a boring cliché stuff to talk about, no the reality is that is a hard to find but the Penguin Collection & Cia das Letras TOTEM E TABU is just perfect to trim and adjust some ideas, it is a light book that seems more literature, I also always have been fan of the Penguin Books. Sigmund Freud might have some nice contribution ideas to the psychology front and here it is just perfect because talks about ancestry, rituals and protection and fear of death or fear of dead people together with the animal world I mean Totems that are not allowed to be eaten and how to build your own personality and individuality. That is definitely another jewelry of mine on my archive for sure, exactly the kind of subject I’m into to.

Synchronicity. ECHOES OF SPACE – ECOS DO ESPAÇO by MEGAN CREWE is another science-fiction book, yes I did it because I’ve perceived it and I was so into astrology but I thought it was another subject that was quite difficult to study further that, that was the way to get much close with those perceptions without being or turning into an astrologer. I leave that for the astrologers themselves, in fact there are several few really good astrologers that I’ve started to follow lately in which I would recommend and say thanks for them all that has been very helpful and also send them a good luck. But really, it is true that I’ve also felt the space in me since kids and I always thought that was something strange and weirdo about me but the reality in check I do really know that I was hunting for answers and now I can bet in myself better that I’m even thinking about a new thesis of human-being. Those days I even thought about the ET film, well that little guy was a kid and if he had grown up ? I felt slightly comfortable with the Alien or Extra-Terrestrial after all, it is a sudden surprise but I’m from the time of Varginha ET really and I was walking through that land at that time as well as my sister used to live very near by and we were really hunting aliens but last year on the time of the June eclipse I was watching a series of Steven Spielberg and then I slept on fall-winter but then suddenly I woke up thinking that I was being abducted from a space ship and it wasn’t it was the moon staring big and gold through the curtains. I said no abductions ok, no aliens at the moment right but as an year have passed I felt cool talking to a grown up alien sit in a bench by the beach. If you behave yourself.

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