All the time I publish things on the journal, it is because normally I’m looking after that. The journal serves me as post-its and reminders of my daily life and needs while I recommend and give articles which ends up working both ways.

I spoke about the botox thing, but while I think about that, I keep doing my continuous beauty threat. From time to time I publish beauty and etc I go round publishing because I know what my public expects and because sometimes it is what I’m looking for. Well. . products ends up, clothes get old, shoes get cranky, we do need equipament, need research and repertory and quality of life together with sustainability and wellness.

Again, I’m into anti-ageing face products. Here, I’ve chosen the ones I would go for. I bought it and I had too, because really my old ones have finished straight after that I thought that I was more like a wizard discovering my needs. I went for another known favorite good label, because I’ve stepped out the online shopping while I was working so I did a little street shopping in which made me happy as well and that happened on my way of work and I had quite fun.

R$ 389
R$ 399


I’m too used of online shopping, because lack of time sometimes, it is weirdo and back on my studio I already have gone back to it. I was in between 2 jobs and it was hard to hold my desk here, but I did had some fun outside, was energic.

Those, I can find at the mall, so I spared them to go into the mall shopping, sometimes I’m there closed to my club when jogging or to the cinema. But my desk was really on delay, so I’m just working really on it to take advantage of time and then my life be back in normal, on the normal rhythm.

Taking off the delays.

The anti-ageing products,
You can find all at SEPHORA.

R$ 339

R$ 250

R$ 429

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