Just found it for shopping, exactly the time I was looking for a new bag. I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to get, but I had several specifications in mind. I like very much multi-labels and we can do find it in the country for a variance shopping. I don’t know if it is because I’m a stylist and on eye on magazines I like to make a sort friendly work.

MICHAEL KORS have got my style and does affordable prices, it is like premium and I’m into working clothes going soft power but I do like do mix & match. Well, I’m not super rich but specially that I’m Brazil so the money exchange gives us a quite difference but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to look good and make an impression. Thanks, it is not a difficult thing to do but for sure we are always looking after new clothes and archive. I guess, this is the work of a good stylist or fashion-editor, some people says about the consumerism and I sometimes don’t want to look consumerist but really I do think it is about my work. Always an investment for my career.

I was on eye on Michael Kors for a time, but I used to live in Europe not North America so I didn’t had the chance to buy and then finally it arrived here. I got it vintage, a couple of products, but I’m putting an effort to do not only buy vintage of the labels and go for the new ones. At this time, I got another hot label but soon I might need a wallet and who knows then it will be Michael Kors.

Some choices at FARFETCH.

R$ 1.321

R$ 1.245

R$ 3.640

R$ 722

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