It is curious. I went to have a look on parfums and I didn’t find anything new and to be honest there were old classic ones out of stock. I myself, have re-stocked my shelf and I did appreciate that, the ones I got were more basics because I’m not doing much night outs at this period focused on my career and work and also waiting for a better set. So, it is more breeze and day-time.

The good news I got quite brand new ones, new formulas that were offered so I guess I’m up-front. But here, I spared the ones to make a more strong impact for special dates. Well, parfums also remark a time passing of your lifetime, sometimes you remind yourself of memories and suddenly you remind about the shot of parfum, of yourself, of the youth, of the good times and even the thoughts you had ago. I always used parfums that had something to do with my personality, I loved all the collection I had, because I always have used quite famous ones but now my life is changing, I have grown up and I’m seriously thinking in which one suits me exactly.

Here are the ones that made my mind, for now.
All, at SEPHORA.

MUGLER R$ 319 – CARTIER R$ 386



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