We are starting the spring-summer season and I’ve published loads of beverage this year quite light ones and to give a tone of change. It is super cool because it hydrate the system and we have passed through a lot quite lately with the Quarantine that I believe that is a contrast that brings a sort of freshness.

Coconut water is also one of my favorites, everything with coconut on it. I know I know it is just coconut water and you wanted me to bring to you the coconut oil in which I haven’t had the chance to buy it yet so I will leave to the next year and I might be late on that. But recipes and beauty products I love coconut.

So yes, I’m gadgetry person and I bring freshness that doesn’t coast much yet being polite and having a sense of high-society, imagine the coconut water high-society. Try it and feel the difference. It is just simple.

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