I’m kind of thinking in get into self defense classes of martial arts, I’m just studying the possibility as I grow more and more concerned with protection. Actually I do train at home and I’m taking this time to be more aware of defense and tactics.

At the moment I’m yet collecting sport clothes for the occasion but I found this brand LIQUIDO that I thought was beachwear, in fact they are but also do gymnastics so it is more appealing to me from now on. I got into their store and had several things I was into to and they are also selling another surf label called MORMAII in which I like very much they had a Mormaii bag very nice similar to one I was fond of but I got a new bag already on the beginning of the year. So, I would recommend have a stop by and have look. I might go for it very soon because my wish list is growing bigger.

LIQUIDO / MORMAII R$ 82,99 – R$ 172,99

LIQUIDO R$ 40,99 – R$ 61,99

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