This year I will skip my sport open-air because the Covid-19, despite someone gave me the idea for the São Silvestre Run by March and that happens all 31st December which might be cancelled as well.

Normally for that I carry with me a small bag with essential stuff I don’t like much the arm band and that doesn’t fit everything that I have on me. My one is going ugly and that is why I think about in getting another. I also go sport from time to time, I mix & match the classic with sport that I think goes well for working days.

Here is DECATHLON a sport shop that really have good offers and I totally recommend you pass by and buy some thing. They do change their collection as well and I’m basically starting to collect the label a bit, last year I’ve posted them I bought it this year I’m posting it again and bought it and I might buy some other thing very soon. I’m taking the chance to include the wool beanie, last year I’ve published the double side beanie that is sold out and they didn’t have the wool beanie which is a not very easy to find as well.


R$ 49,90

R$ 59,99

R$ 59,99

R$ 59,99

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