I know that is not the best time to talk about the resort yet I adore the resort collections I think they are softer. Well, here I have a problem to understand beachwear much because I use but I don’t go to the beach very often I do but not as a local and I’m planning to do more occasionally I was even studying the possibility to move out to the beach because city center is not bringing me the return I was expecting, I will try a little bit more and will see how it goes.

I was introduced to VANDA JACINTHO last year while hunting for jobs but the coincidence is that her silk panneaux designs are exactly something that I have on my wardrobe of Chanel and I was looking for another I bought it from another label this year and I just reminded myself of the Brazilian designer so I went on Vanda Jacintho store to have a look again what is on. There is selected pieces from clothes to accessories that would up on the wardrobe, so if you are looking for some resort clothes definitely it is a choice of finest.

R$ 438 – R$ 598

R$ 678

R$ 719

I’m turning into a more inward person, I mean productive quietly and I try to make my home-office a spa so the resort, gymnastics and spa clothes go to a stay-in occasion that also bring a sense of freshness.

R$ 713 – R$ 900

R$ 1278 – R$ 1278

R$ 1278

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