For a long time I have been on my business and like other business sometimes you have to keep quiet about it, like your ID or the secret of success or management so I normally say I’m behind the scene, I do write so I try to talk to my public however I do have a target public either. My writings serves me like to present sort of reports which sounds good, before they were exercises. I’m well right now thankfully, but I have been passing some difficult times I might be honest for a number of reasons, economy or bad winds weather that doesn’t necessarily has to do with my performance, despite I have been learning quite a lot and doing my best I’m not on my best position just yet. It sounds strange to say how economy and politics affects your work in somehow and that is not your fault specially because you do not really work on neither those areas and it has broken my legs for 3 times already. The Global Crisis sucks actually and suddenly I have been studying it quite a bit to know and understand how to really proceed on situations like this. Anyway we all should leave things behind soon or later. 

I’m also the type of person or professional that choose or would say select my works or clients, trying to approach people and work that has more to do with my personal beliefs. Till here was middle way, have happened accordingly because we do attract what we are prospecting, but I’m refining my search and also I’m certain that the weather will have a bright sky for me on a very near future, so it’s like have worked on the reverse, yet in hold. Lately, I’ve learned a very good lesson, that we all have to accept our limitations in life and that was a very good lesson indeed because I did really have limitations for sure, it is official in science and I have discovered that by occasion and I feel it much less, I mean need.

I confess, that I was a visionary since kids I’m actually proud of what I’m and see those limitations that were imposed to me have hurt till certain time I was fine but as long as we age we want also stop kidding and take things seriously but I also confess that a genius of a time have happened at age of 20 is also some sort of vanity, and I did have some vanity on me to do something that was undone before perhaps as a feminist having independence using my brain. Lack of money perhaps but I know how to live with less, I’m quite all right inside a canvas. But there is 2 things that is also good happen later in life, I’m yet not bored doing what I do and I can expect the new together with maturity, because it is true takes some time to you to polish your skills and grow professionally anyway.

Basically I’m still prospecting a kind a great career doing things kind a different way, there is still  something new on the way I do my stuff  so I would be a pioneer yet, will see the long run. But today I have less enthusiasm in hiding myself perhaps because I already know what I’m doing, perhaps because I have reached the middle of the road already or perhaps I have already built a kind of reputation. My agenda this year is already closed, busy talking with plenty of interesting people.     

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