After that snatch of supplies and the full stock out of stock, I think we should go for the Pre-Order adjustment in production, well it is well known that everybody is working towards improvements to have less left materials and go more sustainability and also about the slow fashion all that includes a better performance on the product production front. So, with the Pre-Order you know more and less what products are more required, what is your best seller, what are the sizes that goes off in higher number and what is medium hits and small hits. And certainly with that you have less waste and also less expenses, so it is real for adjustment and have more profit.

Of course that doesn’t mean you will not attend other clients but it is for sure that you will have a shrank stock because with that you also push forward your sales once your clients know about the Pre-Order and if they really really want the product they will go for it. Yes, I’m actually working very much on the under request kind of product, service or partnership and even my agenda is quite busy I’m working like that for a while to reach my standards I’m not there yet but I can feel my desk quite busy but took a lot of my time to give it a work out, last year I did gave it a boost and stocked quite well so it was a good flow production to make my desk free to open for talks after Great Confinement. For a while I’m still stepping out of my comfort zone but later I’m not sure if it is going to be a easy catch or fill in time. Sometimes works upside down, you start early and leave early fashion scene sometimes happens later and you give its continuity.

Anyway, the Pre-Order for me is a must, on the market I mean with the clients themselves, I’m not exactly a client so I don’t have that kind of full support money wise, but clients does and if I had I would work on that front, I mean request. Lately, I’ve been buying last items or either have been missing on my shopping sold out, so I have even been checking stock right now while shopping otherwise I can end without it. But the business, is yet an adjustment to be made, specially in fashion that is so seasonal. Definitely can optimize.

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