Ok, cool. Did the Pre-Order, let’s do the Pre-Sale very well. It would work as a showroom and I think some labels have already been working with that. Pre-Sale is when you already have produced your collection after the requests numbers in Pre-Order and so you starts it, how you have not uploaded or launched the collection on the shop and it is made requests so the stock can shrank previously and by result you will have a smaller stock when it goes to the rail or online.

It is crazy, because the collections vary for one to another and there are exclusive pieces that you really adore but by the end you will take a lot of time to buy similar ones and you just love it, so it will be a push for the sale and the stock control. And that works for everything, fabrics, garments and elses even for machinery it is been weirdo how quick things are finishing, so it will be wise because for the producer and manufactures is just perfect to understand better the profits.

We see a lot of sales around, but the sales always work with cut prices, they would still work but for the left overs in small scales so it is like more working the other way around, selling better to then make the sales.

I myself sometimes think to get 2 pieces of the same when I like very much, because when it finishes it finishes and that is it, so I’m considering and it already have happened sometimes. That is why I’m started to understand better how consumer reacts, you know what I mean basic things good stuff are very hard to find, so when you find take 2.

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