All good, trends and the colors. I love the stripes sandals it looks to me vintage totally I had a sandals like this that I gave away was no label but all the time I see on the picture I love it so candy, and I love the red and the purple color so in and mocassin, birkin, vichy, papette.


R$ 119,90

R$ 199,90

R$ 194,90

It is ANA CAPRI, another lower prices basics label that I’m in the mood to collect so I recommend. Why that, I most buy on multi-labels shops because are easier to mix and match so to buy in that specific label shop is harder to me because I have to have more time to sign it etc, but sometimes I buy on single shops last year I got several new shops and who knows I will be doing it again.

R$ 129,90

R$ 139,90

R$ 179,90

R$ 89,90


R$ 129,90

I do have a Ana Capri sandals that are going off and I’m looking forward to replace it, once I went to the mall and saw a bag that I bought similar lately but from another label, this shopping thing is always kinda hurry so is mad and then I remember myself from time to time, I got the stripped sandals so again it is a post-it reminder for my very soon shopping list.

So here it is a choice, all at ANA CAPRI.

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