Suddenly I was shopping shopping shopping. Do you know those days that loads of your clothes goes off and you should replace a bunch of them ? So that was what happened to me last year and I’m always hunting clothes. I started to say that I never win buying clothes, because I buy and after 3 months I’m in need of few more and it is being like this for years now and I’m never satisfied. My wardrobe has improved a lot recently so I’m always cleaning bit of older clothes to make room and space for new ones.

This is one of my favorite labels, because it is clean daily basis clothes HERING and I had been several times in the shop on the mall and closed to home popping by trying to get some pieces but nothing was making my mind and finally I got on the online shop so I did get some new stuff and I’m about to get more, in fact this is to place a post-it on me for this season. They have good offers with good prices. And guess what ? I think the have opened capital and the stocks were going well, I think we do need fashion stocks in the market help us on the industry to evolve.

The label is long last from 1887 1890 and have passed for a re-page lately, it had a time that was faded but it was well known to me always but a hard to get and today it has several shops around and malls going pretty much well and much more commercial. It has done worlds good to Brazilian fashion scene also doing a very good job at sustainability.

Ok, cool. Sustainability that it is the most important area of the brand, for me is the most sustainable first they treat the usage water with Ozone, they also have improved the industry to spend less energy, better yet have improved the fabric cutting to have less waste along with the recycling fabric when possible and the dye is less impacting too. They are really located on the middle of the forest.




HERING – R$ 119,90


HERING – R$ 139,90


HERING – R$ 159,90


HERING – R$ 159,90



R$ 239,90


R$ 89,90


R$ 179,90


R$ 219,90


R$ 179,90


R$ 139,90


R$ 139,90

I just bought a recycled denim from the label of the family Dzarm.
Basically, I’m getting into only sustainable pieces, after that I do have other pieces of recycled fabric and also getting closer with the organic cotton.

Picks up all at Hering.

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