I take that, it is futuristic made by algae of the sea. Chlorella is my brand new supplement it is plenty of protein, fibers, vitamins, phosphore, potassium and more chlorophyll than any other plant, it is pretty good to keep up well and health. I take Chlorella for 4 years already and I fell quite great and wish improve from now on after last season.

I’ve heard that Nasa takes that too to improve performance and better lately some scientists search have discovered that a cow diet with algae is much better & good to lower the methane production which means an advance on the meat discussion, but would that be good only with a vegetarian diet or I mean salad made by lettuce as they normally have loads of soy. Makes sense, only soy is heavy on stomach anyway, should start trying a salad lettuce and goes algae because both we can produce in laboratory.


Covid took me hard but that is because it was a strong virus from out of the blue, but normally I’m coping with life in a very pro-active way. And I’m always feeling better and better with myself preparing to age in a good sense, so it makes myself stronger. Interesting when I talk about ageing because I will think about that through this year, I have missed my point for a while but I want be back in shape with wellness, well I guess it is from here to upfront. I love to feel underneath the sea as well or making part of an environment friendly, I mean the algae. Biotechnology and sustainability.

You can also try Spirulina.

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