It is not new to me but I’m late. But good to talk about that just in time, I’m going to get slow on parties this year so I’m allowed to the Lunch, The Brunch and the Happy-Hour only, till I see where my feet stand a bit, as well when food shopping is fix 2 in 1 and budget savings so it is even an idea at home.

Honestly, I’m Quarentine but on the verge to celebrate my own and only 40’s birthday which means a lot to me and I would consider open up an exception to plan a night out or some sort of other join in friends around but it will depends much of the weather, if winds out on my favor possibly it will happens. The Lunch, The Brunch and the Happy-Hour is definitely an option too, thanks for the reminder but I do have got another gift soon to be release.

The Brunch is that thing that is like a breakfast on the lunch time, so it is wider because possibly you are hungry but yet as a breakfast it is trend and cool so it is an option for the cafes around town. I’m the one that helped in somehow introduce those coffee shops here I mean franchise because I’ve worked in a coffee shop before, and I want make them profit and last I know last year was difficult and this year too as the pandemic took myself by surprise again as I wasn’t expecting this again but I was able to visit 3 new spots close to me, but I have been visiting plus 3 4 5 far from home and etc. And I hope be around.




The serving is different as a normal coffee shop and the menu to have a stay longer, has got eggs, bacon, jam, loads of bread fruits and cakes juice tea coffee all at once so it is very delightful have a time even with friends while enjoying a good talk. I’ve placed few places to visit this year and so on will see what I can accomplish but definitely on my wish list. For me goes well on the Saturdays and Sundays. On week days I’m planning to do the Executive Menu really on one of my favorite spots.





I browse around but I’m also always in a hurry in the middle of talkings and meetings or locked on my home office full-time working and developing that I miss the slow down break kinda thing, so I have to plan my time better.


Hopefully, hard times will pass shortly.
Fingers crossed I meet up my agenda.

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