I’m considering all the possibilities, to be honest I’m not very into be a business woman on the real side of a business woman, I would actually fit better on the sides being an assistant or growing up inside an existent company but everything is being so quick right now, I’m inter-disciplinary and people also needs jobs who knows, I would discard and fit in on a team someone else made happen cause involve a lot of other tools I don’t have, because I’m mostly highly creative I would be on the creative side not on the business side but from my experience every thing I touch or everywhere I pass ( well, I mean things of my interest or things that I browse or I look at because I’m a NANO person not too big ) it is like golden eggs people expand and grow.

Despite difficulties where I’m based, I’m seeing growth and development and honestly I’m kind of involved in part of the transformation. I started even get dizzy because my telephone rings up all the time by distance with news of the business that I have to consider, at the moment I’m seeing a lot of new people and I’m kind of interested on the new ideas.

Remind me kinda rubber, mind the gap and start again. Well, it is all new to me or not remind when I told you lately about the injury that I have passed 4 years ago and just now totally recovered, that was about it a bad business I did because of an outside interference in which I had to cover with my responsibilities but if it had gone well I would be the first woman kind of to get a Start-Up, I did that business thinking about investing also on a new business and a house. I got broke but I’m stood back again. Anyway, things after that took a scenery in which would be still possible but I’m still studying the possibilities and there are few in stock, I will be advancing with time.

I like very much to team up sometimes, because we join forces, this job I do started to grow and grow that I keep working and working and it is a bit difficult it seems you get stuck but it is because maybe has got a hard variance in which you need keep performing, in fact I’m out of job at the moment unemployed I would say but that is because I didn’t have time to look after all the jobs available and either I was polishing my skills too. I cannot wait to start looking for jobs again and contact all the people I have to. But I also like to keep things under wraps.

I’m actually thinking even on a new sort of hub. The new hub thing that came up on my mind, was a bit of a studio, I mean warehouse I don’t know I do produce things, I’m an industrial which means you will have objects and pieces. Can you imagine start producing furniture to place in a home-office ? It turns into a dump stock everywhere, I start producing and stop and I bought some supplies and my house started to be a mess fulfilled and small so I’m not sure, or you keep very tidy up or you come up with an idea. I never opened a business minding before about it coasts and return, I mean how long it would take me to have profit. The rent of a studio, warehouse is quite huge that I would have to starve to pay with 3 of my income it is crazy. It has turned that I have been seeing people working with products and with difficulties on the production of the products as well but the idea of a hub warehouse would happens with me dealing a little bit around town, this year I will work on that, it would work as a fintech for other professionals but yet to study the idea. In fact, SP city is becoming more driven on the services I started to get much more specialized on the service too but as an industrial I had faced a lot of difficulties and I do know there are people also specialized on the production and we do need work force too. And then, hi hello for some new colleagues around because sometimes is good to have a qualified work force, that is why improvements are always welcome.

Well, I’m thinking about this all.

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