The photography has been much more popular nowadays, but it is part of my work and part of other works too. Normally I work with photographers but I did study photography and I do have pictures that possibly are the latest ones dated 2011, on film 35mm BW and were a hard to develop because there are just rare developers found.

Since then, I’ve started working much more on digital I worked before but it is a bunch of pictures all the time, rolls and rolls around so I’ve upgraded my camera but then came the movies. So I work with the telephone and the camera but professionally they die like burn in spot somewhere like too heavy for the product. 


Ok, Vintage. I kept my old camera as a prop and I had on eye for a long time on a new one semi-professional one to make my movies more stable or a client that needs quick snaps. Let’s talk about the up-cycling and recycling that everybody is talking about now. For me, everything started about money matters, I studied cinema and I have been all the time on a low-budget schedule so all in my life as an independent worker is built on up-cycling and recycling and I’m also a product designer so the sustainability ever had been part of my process. My wardrobe, started vintage long ago specially with winter and warm clothes, but then came my mom’s wardrobe passing to myself and I always have donated almost everything of my usage clothing; after my graduation I sold my car to have a trip around the world and have been minimized my transport to public transport, so I looked to get located closer to the jobs but today I even use quite a bit the electric bus to go to clients city center as I tried to keep myself bit country side and then I started recycling trash that last now for 15 years already after that finally came my home-office that is a huge up-cycling it was a dead stock flat that I have been renewing slowly but I have not changed much furniture as it also has come with furniture inside. Today after passing from a Japanese scenery to a Surf spot, here is the French-Country style. 

I was thinking quite salty the price for the modern cameras right now, as the dollar is much more expensive than years ago in my residence place so I wasn’t sure if I could make it. Normally I try mix & match new with used items to do not look so poor, I bought and I’m fixing some equipments and so I was luck to have found a sweet heart of mine on a vintage sales shop to call mine. 


I got that at site ENJOEI 18X Optical Zoom 14 MegaPixels and it is tiny and quite light, that is dear to me as my life has been in such a hurry lately that they are just doing an amazing job on the up-cycling. It is my first equipment in there and is lovely because they are helping me so much on the production and everybody involved is joining forces on this sort of sustainability that you even get closer with unknown people on a positive vibration. 

Thanks to all, that is very helpful for my future projects.

Have upgraded my home-office. 

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