Long ago in 2009 when studying fashion journalism and lifestyle I made a post of a Unicorn called fantasy and it has grown really and now that is all twisted and strange I would bet more on the ZEBRA. This sort of Unicorn made myself grow too but I have not profited and also had hurt, I’ve been solo but I also have been very happy and pleased with the people that have helped me to get through, I do work solo it works as well but I also quite enjoy see new people and help them get through too, it was difficult to build a show case but anyway. 

This sort of eco-system that people are talking about, I have been working on it quite a while and it was difficult to me understand that I wasn’t alone on the boat but me alone I don’t make much of difference in a whole system. Most importantly I’ve seen people working through where I have found difficulties, for an improvement and that is why I should thank for people have stood-up to make a better scenery. It is true that I was focused mostly on the inter-disciplinary long lasting issue but came 1 recession, 2 recession, External Interference, Covid that ended up eating much of my time 8 years out of job. That is what I say I’m not an economist or either a business graduated neither an IT properly that I don’t understand really what is going on.

That I had changed my mind totally and started thinking in join forces with people that are complementary and has got the same ideals because we all need work and that also means create new companies and new job positions. Works better this way. I always have been philanthropist but it all has started to get on my nerves as I had not been recognized and started to fail money wise that I started to get as an offense. The market not always absorbs all the professionals, I’m a product designer that can do fashion design but in my town it is difficult to work on that fields unless opening your own label and all the costs we change / improve area but also is narrow so it is a complex situation. 

I’m happy now, that after the storm I just found out loads of new contacts and people that I couldn’t reach before, it is true that I have improved things on my search I might be delayed but I’m starting to get brighter and clearer on the job front. 

Hopefully we can make a change very soon. 

About environment, eco-system and sustainability.

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