Lately I have been in the mood for simple daily ready to wear clothes, in fact just a cool look for job & work purposes. I try to present myself as a professional but also do not look too boring or serious as I work on a creative field along an in office situation. I go mid-weight brands from time to time because the quality so I do adore its feel but I’m really also enjoying the serf-service / fast-fashion mood because they are quick check and bring trends up front as well, in fact I’m observing their positioning but also sort of capsule collections which is interesting.


JACKET R$ 199,50


TRICOT – R$ 99,50


TRICOT – 99,50

MARISA is one of self-service labels that I want to go for, I didn’t had time to pop-up because is too many labels around but there is one on my corner and it is lasting on my wardrobe some t-shits / tops that I need to get so I might pass by for it and get for Christmas shopping as it is a street shopping with the lockdown it is on hold, so I took time to arrange home but actually I’m locked inside home for like 1 ½ year that I’m kind crazy to go outside, there is the Marisa online shopping too but it is not the same feel with the shop around the corner so I’m waiting, we have fun on street shopping we eat something, take some fresh air walk a bit see people it is just crazy but we are also always in a hurry . Here, is their autumn-winter 21 season which looks quite nice too. Worth a try.


CAMISETA – 59,90


CAMISETA – R$ 24,99


CAMISETA – R$ 29,90

CAMISETA – R$ 54,99


REGATA – R$ 23,99

All at Marisa.

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