Yes, autumn-winter season has turned chilly a little bit and people has started feeling it too I guess. I don’t know if the temperatures has gone down really or if it is already that we can feel the effects of global warming but the good news we are just keeping up with the set of new scenery. Normally Brazilians had a more tropical feeling but lately people started to understand what has been going on. I told you before about the preppy wardrobe, and that means for strange situations on the climate changing.


ANDARILHA BOOTS R$ 259 – DAFITIdafiti2_bota_neve_R$259,90ANDARILHA BOOTS R$ 259 – DAFITIdafiti3_bota_neve_R$259,90ANDARILHA BOOTS R$ 259 – DAFITI

I always had bits of problem to find warm winter clothes in my country but now we already see people putting an effort to bring it more on a higher amount. I have been working for years in fashion and getting better in communication, but I had problems to get through so I was a little sad for have been the one to have to voice it, I have been posting but I see people also improving.


Here it goes, ANDARILHA boots is a Mineira brand that is bringing such winter – ski – snow boots and is a very friendly to this understanding. Thanks, as normally we don’t go this warm I mean winter sports but maybe it is a starting point. I used to do much of tripping around before when I was young and now I turned much more business wise I do travel but my chair holds me quite a bit. In fact, I have been to Vale Nevado – Chile before and there is also Patagonia – Argentina for a training in the ice, I trained on the cold weather in Europe but here I went very much to Minas Gerais several times to get cold and hunt Aliens or Extra – Terrestres.

Perhaps Galocha boots also works.

ANDARILHA boots all at DAFITI.

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