Another start-up PIPO, for fresh chic moments or nice cool gifts. The cold season makes myself bit hunting cheese and I’m all the time snacking around that I even started to prep a menu to make it grow fun inside home or either eat-out. I’m in a point of changing, turn around point that if occasionally I start working I might make more eat outs I do go around I just thought maybe Covid stopped things a bit but it is definitely on my list. It is just crazy, anyway it is a mix & match thing and I do have loads of pop-corn while watching films, series but I even started to catch up with quite television recently. On the supermarket, I get pop-corn with butter, and appeared 2 other flavors seasoned taste and bacon.



PIPO’ has got the butter but it is a SPECIAL SUPER AVIAÇAO, classic that is super taste butter; but the LEMON PEPPER one I’ve tried before somewhere and despite I do have the seasoning home I couldn’t make it but taste wonderful that is totally worth but better yet the the TRUFA thing is something I’ve never tried before and I want and super want because I’m super curious about trying new things specially the ones chic. Sweet ones, I love everything with orange so I guess the ORANGE SCRATCHES are a must and a sweet salt version with CARAMEL SALT FLOWER a very balance option too. And the package just perfect, for a gourmet home or nice gift. Found in 3 sizes.



Very cosy and comfy.
PIPO’ pop-corns.

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