I’m seriously thinking about you. I do believe I’m turning into a professional, which sounds amazing and I would be proud of it. I’m preppy to go but not there yet but I’m having ideas and as I told you on the previous article I’m making room for the future works, so I’m considering grow up in size substantially from different sort of areas and it is like to have a data base well, safe and secure even for next generations analyses. Why that ? I’m trying to turn my journal into a translated book and is rolling several invitations, today we are very catch up with digital and there is a lot of content gramped on the Google, but for me it will arrive a time that paper is going to be very valuable and also we need a data for future studies and I’m not really sure if the digital is enough ah! well because things can get lost from time to time, sort of thing. 

HARD DRIVE R$ 999 / R$ 1369

I would have my content in only one piece, I’m still using pendrive but it will be a step forward and that is going with my work needs only but all the time I pack full load with information and it is also going with sort of speed, I mean fast. Music, all those videos and photographies as much more quality you need you also need more space. So, yes I’m getting on the time to get better on the high-quality of work finishings so I might need you very soon too. 

HARD DRIVE R$ 799 / R$ 1039

All option at APPLE STORE. 

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