I started thinking of a new art scenery acquisition or other files and contracts I might have through my life time. Yes, sometimes you do have no matter what documents that are valuable in life and that is how I would keep my things mostly safe. So, I’m still studying when, why and where I would go for it but seriously it is better be prepared and also prospect fortune and prosperity. I’m mentally safe right now, that is why I’m saying in which includes I know how to live with less but that doesn’t mean I stopped thinking or I don’t think in get stable and secure financially. The world is evolving so quick that I even started to get a feet on the business side, specially in what is related to all those start-ups companies today people even measure your type of success if is based on innovation or if is based in heritage. I confess, it was a hard job to me get aligned with the enormous technology advances that have happened lately but curiously I’m still on towards time and with that I can make differences around teaming up with up-front people, it is all new to me because I was learning a lot during the last decade, I had made that time together and along people but now I think I’m somewhere already forward. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have difficulties yet, but I’m more aware of what I’m doing hope will come a time that I just flow with the wind, simply happening. Because those money issues, unfortunately are just unnerving, I had a period of my life that I got stuck on the money flow work wise and that has caused me some distress specially when considering the worlds crises that has nothing to do with me but do affects me somehow also I’m not an specialist in economics but I guess some artists in the past have lived that, so maybe it was only a chance of luck or game change. 


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