I have been sticking to the home-office and business on the proper side of the story, and that includes quite a bit of equipments it is not that I’m full packed yet but I’m going and have been improving lately. I can leave everything and just get a permanent job but anyway equipments always count on the performance so I took all the free time on the pandemic to re-evaluate all my needs. Well, let me say something all the creative set and craft skills are just great to see, but it takes up a lot of effort and you should be very organized those little gadgets that make a huge difference and impact on your performance once they make it faster or finishings, travels and deliveries etc. 

It is like having an office art studio, for sure it is like that agenda that grows bigger and bigger. I have been out of job, so that wasn’t my choice and I kept working and suddenly I’ve started seen my working getting another shape and I’m always looking for improvements and it is true, it is a real fact we always need improvements, it is a sort of development, progress or change within the time. 

I have been focused on the gadgets by now, before I was focused on writing and performance but I did gave a boost around my things already. They kinda cost as well I sort of invested bits, so we go doing bits by bits upgrading the system, the good news is that if you don’t spend you don’t have things so despite the coasts it is with that that you get the work job done. I still miss some items and I’m thinking about them, my work is on progress and while I write to you I remember the next steps I have to give but I’m in hold with several other projects. 

I don’t want to clutter much so I’m also waiting to see life by itself turns its page on the next days ahead. Will see.


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