It is another gadget in my mind. In fact, I have several printings to get done, those would be made third-parties that including I have some close to me and others I’m hunting like what the Silver-Print for photo that I still have not had time to select the photos lost on my archive, or maybe not I should shoot maybe new ones. Anyway, I’m leaving the printer right now, but I do think about it very much as I told you previously my journal serves me as post-its I have ideas and I stick to the next couples years so when arrives the publication it is a call back reminder, you know. I thought in do third-parties documents well as we have got the tonner I mean ink to be changing and fulfilling but I do believe that one to call mine will be kind of helpful as well. I think I’m not very used to the tonner ā€“ ink thing as buy the gadget is much easier but then comes the supplies, it is like an office you know that you use a lot and those are just little money. So, the services. 


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