I’ve started with 1 then 2 and I have 7 at the moment with my archive and have been buying quite few lately. I already have seen myself getting burned cds with material and throwing them out without having a look and with so, I’m loosing my memories and sometimes I did wanted to go back to them even if only for a short period of time. I don’t think I have lost too many important files is true, but that was also in my past and once we get our job more refined starts to be of a problem. Sometimes I get nervous out of the blue and start throwing my work out, so I try to leave them far for me and I also digitalize them most always right now.

Yes, I took the time to clean the clutter and open up space to the new and for my new and up-coming works, so I did throw things away but it is coming my self signed work and it is growing. The pen-drives are useful for handling material to somewhere, but for example pictures I’m starting to have a think about now. Why ? Once I’ve started to digitalize material I started with lower images then I learned to make them bigger which is a mid-size print but in case just in case I want a bigger canvas print them I need it bigger size and so then those pen-drives start not working properly same case for digital art print big size and that goes on. But pen-drives are yet useful. 

I’ve picked the HP ones.

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