A new-awakening pushing forward, a not so easy job to do but let’s give it a try. It is not only think outside the box, it is also make it a work out. Mostly the innovation I’m seeing to happen around is to improve life and make things turn easier and when I use those applications they do function this way, they do facilitate but yet all is in a hurry. I have tried to innovate on my work force skills in which I will let you know next post, but once I have arrived here I also have seen a new trend going on that I cannot achieve anymore it is pretty much in high-technology; on my time from my time I think I did pretty well and I’m still brand new but since then has come another revolution, the digital revolution in which is a totally new direction. We can work side by side, maybe is true it is all complementary I’ve seen loads of new stuff around the scene and I could ask where we are going from here, I can see some improvements. At the moment, I’m quieter and having more luckly peaceful times so I’m trying to detox as much as I can to see if I have some of those insights and ideas for the years ahead. I have a picture in fact and we are doing it already. 

I will let you with the types of innovation we have to think about.

Low to Hight Impact.

1. Sustaining – Significant Improvement

2. Incremental – Gradual and Continuous Improvements

3. Disruptive – Technology or New Business Model

4. Radical – Tech Breakthrough, Transform Industries often Creates a New Market.

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